Welcome to Aston University Islamic Society!


Here at Aston ISoc, we envision ourselves at the forefront of Muslim representation and empowerment. We intend to do so by catering for the social, educational and religious needs of our vibrant student population. Everyone is welcome to attend the fun yet informative events we have to offer, since we aim to create an inclusive and diverse society for people of all faiths and beliefs.


Our inspiring weekly talks, often hosted by special guest speakers, aim to enlighten individuals about important issues in society and around the world.

Our social events allow you to get to know others, make friends and connections in a variety of enjoyable ways.

Our sports events allow you to challenge others, improve your skills and play to your strengths in a team!


By becoming a volunteer of the ISoc, you can be involved in the ‘behind the scenes’ and the build up to all our events. You could also help out during the event itself, such as managing a stall, handing out flyers, collecting for charity and engaging with the public!



Our £5 membership fee has many benefits such as:


- Something special - so stay tuned!

- A chance to bond with other members  

- Generous discounts on event tickets and hoodies

- Academic support from professionals

- And much more



Address: Aston University, Birmigham, UK.

Email: info@astonisoc.co.uk

Phone:  +44 73 7868 0001

Jummah Timings


1st Jammat: 1;30pm

2nd Jammat: 2:00pm

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